• Madrid

    Nexxus Southern Europe - Madrid

  • Frankfurt

    Nexxus Central Europe - Frankfurt

  • Helsinki

    Nexxus Northern Europe - Helsinki

  • Paris

    Nexxus EMEA - Paris

Regional Hubs

Regional focus

Nexxus has 4 regional hubs. They are situated in Helsinki for Northern Europe, Franfurt for Central Europe, Madrid for Southern Europe and Paris for EMEA.

Each regional hub is responsible for managing and developing the marketing campaigns across its region.

In some cases this can be global campaigns that require regional focus or it could be successful local market businesses who want to develop in neighbouring markets.

Regardless of the size of business or diversity of its marketing requirements through it’s regional hubs Nexxus adds real brand value to its clients business in each region.


  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness by region
  • Simplify campaign development and implementation
  • Improve local market relevance and ‘buy in’