• Charma

    Nexxus Portugal - Charma
    Mitsubishi - Retail Support

  • Varenga

    Nexxus Spain - Varenga
    Aqualia - Global Campaign

  • Ottiger & Partner BSW

    Nexxus Switzerland - Ottiger & Partner
    Ruag - Corporate Print

  • Brandit Advertising Oy

    Nexxus Finland - Brandit
    Communications campaign

  • Dallas

    Nexxus Belgium - Dallas
    Tic Tac - TV Advertising

  • Rema 93

    Nexxus Czech Republic - Rema 93
    Laufen - Events

  • Persuade - Brand Interaction

    Nexxus Netherlands - Persuade
    Friesland Campina - Advertising

  • Caleidos Teenagency

    Nexxus Italy - Caleidos Teenagency
    VW Up! - Digital Marketing

  • CIB Communications

    Nexxus UK - CIB Communications
    Forbo Flooring - Advertising

  • Buenos Airies

    Nexxus France - Buenos Airies
    Packard Bell - Advertising

  • Bartenbach AG

    Nexxus Germany - Bartenbach
    Sysmex - Exhibitions

Local agencies

Every agency in the Nexxus Network is a local agency

However, what makes each agency unique is, in many cases, the local agency is a market leader in one or more vertical markets.

For example; Nexxus UK – CIB Communications is the undisputed market leader in the building and construction markets. Its clients include global leaders such as TATA Steel, AkzoNobel and European brands such a Saint-Gobain and Forbo Flooring.

Across the Nexxus network this provides a diversity of vertical market experience and expertise that clients discover is a powerful resource when it comes to developing their business in the European markets.