Independence has come of age…

...long live independence

“Families are a microcosm of independence.” says Carlos Macho, Nexxus Group Client Services Director and 3rd Generation Head of Varenga Spain.

“Their strength is deep rooted in their independence…

...independent ways of thinking, unique ways of collaborating, even innovative ways of sustaining, developing and growing, as a family”

Families are at the heart of most cultures” this warm, friendly ad exec says. ”

Many of today’s great brands were founded by great families. Some of these great brands are still family owned today.

“The Nexxus Group, business culture is no different” he adds.

“For example; you can tell from our success that Nexxus thrives on close working relationships, much like a family”  He’s so Latin!

“My Father was a founder member of the Nexxus Group and I am proud to be helping to take our clients and the Nexxus Group on to the next phase of development”

It has to be said, the strength of the Nexxus Group - it is an independent network, managed and owned by the heads of the local agencies.

Combined they provide a power house of European experience and expertise in cross border consultancy, market management and delivery.

Clients range from modest sized national companies who are venturing into new European territories to multi market and global brands looking to develop, Europewide.

Nexxus is now moving into a new phase.

Currently a network of 12 agencies, strategically located across Europe, managing, in total, a staggering 78 global and multi market brands with a combined marcoms revenue in excess of €36m. Most of these brands know Nexxus for what they have achieved for them in their local European markets.

“Phase 2 for the Nexxus Group is to help our clients, and others who want to join us, to develop on a multi market, even pan European basis across Europe” states Carlos Macho with great enthusiasm.