A new brand for the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute

Varenga helps INTECO become INCIBE

INTECO (National Institute of Communication Technologies) decided to change its designation to INCIBE – Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute, to support a wider strategy of further strengthening its activity: cybersecurity.

This new name required a new brand image and a new corporate identity manual, which were developed by Varenga.

The new brand was designed using a modern and readable typography, incorporating elements associated with their activity. The letters CIB have been highlighted to give greater emphasis to the cybersecurity role developed by the Institute.

An English version has also been developed, as the new brand will have a clear international dimension as well.

Six months after rebranding, INCIBE has become one of the most important and well-known players in the cybersecurity market in Spain.

INCIBE brand awareness has grown considerably, along with the visibility of the Institute and of all projects carried out by them.