About us

About us

Why should you make Nexxus your European Marketing Agency?

Nexxus specialises in European marketing communications.

We are specifically positioned, resourced and located to provide a full service, integrated approach across any or all of the western and central European markets.

Testimony to our success; we have 11 strategically located European agencies managing 78 global and multi market brands.

With over 20 years experience we can proudly say we are experts and leaders in European advertising and marketing communications.

The Benefits of working with Nexxus

The advice that Nexxus provides is a valuable differentiator for many of our multi market clients. It keeps them ahead of the competition, enables them to develop new products and services, makes their marketing budget go further and above all frees them up to concentrate on other issues. In short, we help them transform the way they view, develop and deliver their European marketing campaigns.

The old structures and processes are out. Nexxus is an agile network that thrives on building brands by putting people at the heart of its business and optimising technology tools and digital marketing disciplines to create, develop and implement cross border advertising and marketing communications.

Our approach to cross border marcoms solutions will give you significant improvements in your marketing performance. How? First, our global insights provide the macro view of the influences that are shaping the markets. Empowered by these insights our local agencies add the local insights that will give your brand the leading edge in each and every local market. Second, we use technology and digital marketing solutions that work for you 24/7. Third, Nexxus Reporting benchmarks your marketing campaign performance across all channels and in all markets so you know how well your campaign is performing at any particular moment..