Europewide reach

Europewide reach

A leader in European marketing communications

The Nexxus Network comprises 12 strategically located agencies in 12 major European countries. This gives our clients Europewide reach across all the western and central European markets.

For efficiency and effectiveness the Nexxus network of agencies is supported by a cross-border technology platform. It cuts out complex structures, enables communication and allows us to leverage brand value, swiftly and effectively in every European market.

Digital marketing, web design, digital project management are primarily created and developed through the London hub office where we have a multi-lingual team who can work directly with clients on a multi market basis across Europe. Our technology solutions allows our teams to work easily and efficiently on projects which are shared and distributed across markets.

Regional hubs

Our regional hubs are focused on client service for businesses with global or European headquarters in their region.

Our regional teams, working with our local agencies, provide insights, creative solutions and content development services for cross border marketing initiatives.

Local agencies

Our local agencies provide local knowledge, tactical local campaign development and in-market client service support.

Local supplier management and localisation of materials to be used within the region are also developed and implemented by our local agencies.

Local market optimisation, such as web site development, content development, SEO and PPC are developed and managed through our regional hubs in collaboration with our local agencies.

New European developments

  • Our Stockholm agency will be launched in Q3 2012.
  • Our Oslo agency will also be operational in Q3 2012.
  • We will also be launching an agency in Warsaw in Q3 2012
  • Nexxus is supported by in-market partners in research, production, logistics, translation and transcreation.