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Schweppes Gini TV Campaign PR, broadcasting and publishing
Nexxus France - Buenos Aires
Schweppes Gini TV Campaign

PR, broadcasting and publishing

Make the most of new media opportunities

Our PR, broadcasting and publishing content can give you the leading edge in increasingly competitive markets.

Whether it’s a TV campaign, multi market press launch, video content for your web site, social media or print-on-demand, the quality of our solutions get multi market brands noticed – Europewide.


  • Local market PR for global marketing programme support
  • Creation and adaptation of TV commercials
  • Video for broadcast across all European markets
  • Social media strategy and planning
  • Adaption from traditional formats to new media formats (such as online advertising, e-zines and vodcasts)
  • Multi-lingual and multi-cultural expertise for the distribution of content Europewide
  • Adaptation of local and multi-market content for any marketing initiative such as local market promotions