Nexxus Czech Republic - Rema 93<br />
Roca, Laufen Sales Promotion Event
Nexxus Czech Republic - Rema 93
Roca, Laufen Sales Promotion Event

Exhibitions and events

Optimised to travel Europewide

Nexxus has a wealth of experience and expertise in designing, developing and delivering exhibitions and events.

From local market events to multi market and international exhibitions. Exhibition stands, video and collateral support even advertising and promotion.

In addition our digital expertise can help you optimise your exhibitions and events from concept to follow up.


  • Digital marketing that raises awareness, gains opt in, builds interest and completes attendance.
  • Adaptation of exhibition and event content to new media formats such as video, on line advertising, e-zines, webinars and vodcasts.
  • Provision of unique local and multi market content for adaption of exhibitions and events to local markets