Nexxus Spain - Varenga<br />
Ingateam Global Campaign - 10 Languages
Nexxus Spain - Varenga
Ingateam Global Campaign - 10 Languages

Content development and translation

Multi lingual, feature rich content

We think a good content developer and translator lives and breathes their culture and language. That’s why our content developers and translators are based in their own countries.

We also know the more dynamic the content the higher the response, so wherever possible we will enrich content by converting it to more dynamic formats such as video, demonstrations, audio and interactive formats.

In addition we only use content developers and translators who have experience in your business sectors. So, not only will they understand the nuances of the local language, but they will also understand the terminology of your sector and the style and tone of your brand.


  • The Nexxus network of marketing agencies are local market leaders and specialists in their sectors
  • We work in all the European languages and we regularly test and evaluate solutions to ensure accuracy
  • Our processes conform to ISO9001 standards for translation and localisation

Technology support

Our translation software is a workflow tool that helps us to efficiently manage many projects and many translations simultaneously with minimal administration.

It has an in-built, centrally managed, language database of approved copy and brand specific glossary of terms and phrases. This means previously translated and approved copy is automatically recognised, improving efficiency and brand consistency.