Nexxus France South on wine marketing

Consumers still prefer tradition

The 2012 London International Wine Fair confirmed, beyond doubt, wine consumers today have an amazing amount of choice with literally thousands of wine brands available on the market.

However despite all this choice; recent surveys suggest that despite the move towards more informal and progressive designs, including novelty designs and names, wine consumers prefer traditional labels and names.

But, label design and names are not as influential as wine type, brand familiarity and price.

Manoel Bouchet of Nexxus France South Buonos Aires confirms “for those producers who are developing or revising labels, from our experience consumer testing is essential. Consumer testing has taught us traditional designs should be considered despite the trend to use novelty labels”

From the point of view of packaging, PET bottles are taking market share. Moreover, the move to PET bottles will be encouraged because they have a much lower carbon footprint than glass.

But glass will still remain the most popular form of packaging for wine as it helps reinforce the perception of quality, which is of paramount importance when it comes to choosing a wine.

Sustainability is the key driver for wine packaging in pouches. The wine pouch produces a staggering 90% less waste, compared to glass. Bu cans are still the most recyclable drink pack in the world. It is 100% recyclable with no waste. Good news if you want to target the rapidly growing number of environmentally conscious consumers.