Sagam presents the New Audi A4

Caleidos Teenagency help launch of the New Audi A4

Organise a major event for the launch of the New Audi A4 dedicated to the customer base of Sagam – the biggest car dealer in Lombardy and attract new target groups.

The event formed part of an integrated plan which included a series of digital teasers and follow-up.

The concept chosen for the whole campaign, including the event was:
New Audi A4
All the technology you haven’t imagined yet.
All the show you haven’t seen yet. Live.

The reveal of the car was the core moment of the event. Thanks to the videomapping technique, the car, covered with a white veil and placed in front of a big screen comes to life and becomes the background of a video made up of emotional and technical contents.

Also the guests received Hi Tech giveaways: those who booked a test drive received a 3D self image – a small Mini Me – thanks to the innovative 3D scanner installed in the event premises.

800 guests attended the event and 100 test drives were booked.