Watch this commercial and be amazed.

Watch this commercial and be amazed.

3 out of 4 people die of cancer

A staggering but true statistic. Only cancer research can deliver the cure.

There are so many good charitable causes. So how does a research based charity stand out in a way that is so compelling people will give, and give generously?

A baby in a womb tells us about the wonderful and beautiful life she will have. She talks about her loving parents, her tender first kiss, her hobbies and her own children. But suddenly, abruptly and without warning her story ends at the age of 40. Sadly, very sadly we discover she will be diagnosed with cancer. The subsequent message is simple: her story does not have to end there. If we support scientific research we can win the fight against cancer and she will enjoy a full and amazing life.

30 second commercial

Awaiting post campaign results