The double life of disposable plastic tableware

The double life of disposable plastic tableware

Just too valuable for trash!

To support the image of disposable plastic tableware and improve the way it is perceived using the data which emerged from the study conducted by Trento University. To publicise the idea amongst targeted decision makers (and potentially consumers as a whole) that by spreading a culture of recycling, the environmental impact of plastic tableware becomes comparable with, if not less than, that of competitor products.

Disposable plates and glasses are no longer polluting objects. In a realistic scenario of separate waste collection, they can actually create energy. They are turned into symbolic currency. If we paraphrase the expression “Insert coin”, then in our case we can say “Insert value”. The negative connotation traditionally linked with using disposable glasses and plates is turned completely on its head. Plastic tableware: too valuable for trash.

The Piatt-o-matic (Plate-o-matic) is the physical and symbolic representation of the idea; a plastic waste bin which, for every plate inserted, can indicate the corresponding value in terms of minutes of energy produced: in fact recycling a plastic plate is equivalent to recuperating enough electricity to keep a 100W bulb lit for 19 minutes.

Second Life. The double life of disposable plastic tableware. A conference to publicise the results of the study conducted and invite key figures in the sector to compare notes on the subject. On arriving at the conference, guests found the location entirely in the dark. Only once they had inserted their invitation, printed on a plastic plate, into the Piatt-o-matic, did the lights in the room begin to come on one by one, as if by magic.

Plast blast, an iPhone app conceived to reach a younger, technology-wise target. The idea behind the game is simple: throwing the plate or glass inside the plastic bin placed a few metres away. Each time it hits the bull’s eye, the player is shown the number of hours of energy produced by recycling the plate. You can download the app here: