Real people showing the real quality of Zeeman

A different approach to inclusive advertising

Show that Zeeman has a broad assortment, quality underwear for the lowest price. Add more character to the Zeeman brand. Attract new customers and confirm existing customers in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France and Germany. Focus on women in the age of 20-55 year. People that can’t or don’t want to spend much on textiles.
Most expensive brands use perfect models to show underwear. A lot of consumers don’t recognize themselves in these images. In this campaign Zeeman customers show the Zeeman underwear, instead of professional models. ‘Real people’ of all types and in all sizes. With this campaign we prove that Zeeman underwear is of good quality and fits well. The conclusion: Zeeman has good underwear for everybody.
First step was an invitation for customers to sign up as an underwear-model. Via tv, the door to door folder, online media and communication in the stores. More than 8.000 customers signed up. 90 customers did become the stars of a cross media campaign in 5 countries: tv, online advertising, a door to door folder, point-of-sales communication, PR and social media. The campaign did generate a lot of free publicity and positive response in print, on tv and online.

Increased sales and structural increase of market share in the category.

16 June 2015