Misura Stevia: sweetness that…

Five campaigns with sweet results for Misura Stevia

Promote Misura Stevia, the new 100% natural sweetener with zero calories.

A strategy based on an integrated plan of online and offline actions aimed at different target groups.

“Sweetness to get fit” targeted wellness lovers: a tour of gyms in major Italian cities offering fruit smoothies sweetened with stevia. Online videos with advice by personal trainers were also part of the campaign.

“Sweetness that wakes you up” and “Sweetness that rewards you”: two contests for food lovers calling for breakfast and regional recipes. The winners, selected from the submitted recipes, won a prize and were invited take part in a video.

“Sweetness that is good for you”: a website made available to schools, students and their parents on food and wellness culture. An additional site “Scuola di benessere” included lessons followed by games to win technology for schools.

“Sweetness that surprises you”: a film on the concept of sweetness compiled from video clips uploaded by users.

A 20 fold increase in website traffic.
Over 80 million impressions generated through Facebook.
83,000 packages containing samples distributed in gyms.
25,000 fans and a community of 15,000 users registered.
1000 teachers followed the educational programme “A Scuola di Benessere”

22 April 2015