Launch our new product range – but don’t, whatever you do, show it!

Launch our new product range – but don’t, whatever you do, show it!

Strange but true!

Köttermann is a leading innovator and manufacturer of laboratory furniture systems. The international group with its production site in Germany sells its furniture, made of steel, worldwide. After 25 years, its tried and tested system was to be replaced by a new, even more innovative system.

Köttermann wanted to reframe its whole brand presence - not a stone was to be left unturned. In particular it wanted to use the introduction of its new laboratory system as an opportunity to launch both the furniture and the re-branding. However there was one important detail. The new product was highly confidential so an integrat part of the brief to Nexxus Germany - Bartenbach was - Don’t, whatever you do speak about or show the product!

Show only details of the product.

A totally new brand strategy – “The Köttermann Integrated Quality programme - An integrated and sustainable approach to quality.” Through a substantial launch campaign, Nexxus Germany - Bartenbach invited people to discover details of an unnamed new laboratory system. The discovery was by personal invitation to the ACHEMA Exhibition. The reveal was in three stages: before, during - and after the Exhibition. It was only after the Exhibition that the secret was fully revealed. The campaign was supported by a new Corporate Design and advertised using on and off line media and direct marketing.

Awaiting post campaign results

19 September 2012