KappAhl - Footfall is in fashion

Nexxus Finland Brandit relaunch Kappahl's flagship store

KappAhl is a leading Scandinavian fashion brand with over 380 stores in 5 European countries. KappAhl is expanding rapidly.

KappAhl manage everything, from design to production, transport to warehousing and even in-store. Many of Kappahl’s marketing activities are local, requiring local knowledge and a good understanding of local market nuances.

Kappahl has been a Nexxus Finland - Brandit client for over 10 years.

Revitalisation of their stores is an integral part of Kappahl’s brand strategy. It enables them to maintain a contemporary look and feel. For Nexxus Finland - Brandit the challenge was to find cost effective ways to relaunch the stores, achieve a high level of impact and awareness and increase footfall.

The relaunch of Helsinki City store was based on creating strong visibility and presence in the city centre.

The Nexxus Finland - Brandit campaign used a mix of online advertising, digital outdoor, hand-outs with coupons, branded cars and a joint promotion with ELLE magazine.

A dramatic increase footfall.