It’s fresh, it’s intense, it’s Tic Tac

It’s fresh, it’s intense, it’s Tic Tac

Just how refreshing can a commercial get?

Try this Tic Tac commercial and you will see…

The peppermint Tic Tac is renowned. Now it is proud to present its new ‘Intense mint’ flavour, recognisable by its distinctive blue box.

Tic Tac is already well known for being an intense mint. It is also extremely refreshing. So how do you communicate that the new ‘intense mint’ flavour Tic Tac is even more intensly refreshing?

Our off screen “singer” exhales. - His notes blast, like a gale force, ice cold arctic wind across the recording studio with such intensity that our poor little ‘mike’ is almost blown away. That’s how intense new ‘Intense mint’ flavour Tic Tac is. 

Nexxus Belgium - Dallas made two ‘celebratory’ comercials which confirmed, beyond a doubt, the real freshness of Tic Tac intense mint. The commercials were broadcast on Q-music (Belgian on line radio) during it’s 10th anniversary. The number 10 is featured in the commercial. Can you spot it?

Awaiting Post Campaign Analysis