Italy is art. Be part of it.

A one-stop ticketing masterpiece

To create the brand identity of a new arts and culture portal whose aim is to become a major force in the sale of tickets for museum and art gallery visits as well as art and cultural events in Italy.

To outline the creative concept and plan the campaign with a view to reaching an Italian and international target.

Ticket4Art, the name chosen for the portal, makes its mission statement: gather all art and culture events in a single virtual venue to facilitate one-stop ticketing. The logo combines the essential lines of an identity brand operating in the cultural milieu with the user-friendliness of online companies.
Italy is art. Be part of it. The multisubject campaign’s claim targets bringing the visitor-protagonist to an equal standing with the great masterpieces of painting and sculpture. A Nordic tourist with an imposing and shapely body emerges from the waters of the Tyrrhenian sea with the same blitheness and beauty of Botticelli’s Venus, while a powerfully-built man is profiled in a pose as solemn as that of Federico da Montefeltro in the portrait by Piero della Francesca.

The campaign has been planned to reach the focus target in the appropriate touchpoints: sites and headings that are consulted by Italians and foreigners as well as the tourist maps of Italy’s principal art cities.