How do you make a brand a reference in Europe?

Debic is a B2B producer of dairy products. A reference in the Netherlands and Belgium, and to an extent in France, as well, but less ‘top of mind’ in the rest of Europe. Then they had the great idea of doing something about the latter. And the equally good idea of asking Dallas Antwerp to help them.

The aim

In 2013, Debic’s parent company, FrieslandCampina, said they wanted to make Debic the premium dairy brand for the European foodservice market. Far-reaching ambitions, for which Dallas was asked to work out the marketing strategy and communication plan. No sinecure, given the differing market situations in Europe and the wide range of communication objectives. We went to work in three different areas.

The strategy

First of all, the international marketing strategy was drawn up. On the basis of an in-depth analysis of the current situation. Extensive market research and workshops with stakeholders from all levels of the company resulted in the definition of three priority roles for the brand. This vision was then implemented throughout Europe via project groups in the various business units.

The digital ecosystem

A second important element was the development of the digital ecosystem. Its beating heart: ‘people stories’. After all, Debic is more than just a dairy products supplier. In essence, the food sector is a people story. To roll out this idea across Europe, the emphasis was placed on the online approach. Dallas Antwerp redesigned the entire ecosystem. The logo was adapted. The form and content of the existing website were totally updated. The Facebook page was made global and given a more active role. The Debic Blog was launched and the Debic magazine was given an online successor, available internationally. And more important still, optimal synergy was developed among all these elements.

The visual identity

The third area was the visual identity. Debic has a particularly wide product range and over the years, the packaging had lost quality and above all, consistency. Dallas restored line and hierarchy to the cluster of products and categories, and came up with a new design that is not only more contemporary and more consistent, but that also conveys a more professional, top-class impression. The photography style was reviewed, as well, and brought more into line with the ‘people stories’ idea. Key words here are credibility, recognition and proximity. Finally, the entire graphic style was tackled. Once again with a view to ensuring a brighter, professional and modern means of communication.

Throughout all these elements, the European context is extremely important. The cooperation within the international Nexxus network to which Dallas belongs is crucial to this. It ensures the smooth implementation of local content and efficient cooperation with local business units.

The most important next step? Optimising the conversion aspect by means of a well-thought-out inbound path. To be continued…

The results

  • Over 150,000 chefs and bakers have found their way to our ecosystem.
  • A total of more than 1,000,000 views of content brimming with recipes, people stories, guest blogs, tips & tricks.
  • Growth of 146% per month in the Debic Facebook fan base.

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12 June 2015