Hey JOE, make me smile!

Hey JOE, make me smile!

JOE fm wins new listeners with new TV campaign

When you start a new local radio station, you need to find a way to get listeners to tune into your broadcasts. The more listeners, the greater the revenue from advertising… and Nexxus Belgium - Dallas prove the way to win more listeners is to make them laugh.

The Nexxus Belgium - Dallas campaign proves, once again, humour in advertising really does work.

Bring in the listeners, this was the challenge that Nexxus Belgium - Dallas was faced with when it took on the JOE fm advertising account.

Insights from market analysis indicated good news; JOE fm was firmly positioned in the “Happy Listening” sector. The bad news was 12 other stations were also in this sector. So, Nexxus Belgium - Dallas chose to develop the brand with a marketing communications strategy that would take JOE fm’s slogan; “The Smile - The Music” and not only turn it into an advertising campaign but also make it a brand asset.

A TV campaign of 30 second commercials was created featuring amusing “studio audition” situations with famous rock and pop stars. Broadcast on local TV stations the Nexxus Belgium - Dallas campaign gave the brand the warmth and empathy that not only brought Joe FM’s caption “The Smile - The Music” to life but also brought in many new listeners.

11.8% rise in listenership from just under 1m to 1.125m listeners per week