Debic e-zine: a digital magazine for the European foodservice sector

An additional tool for professional bakers and chefs in search of innovative ways of boosting their business. Not a static magazine, but a digital solution. That's the Debic e-zine. Animated, interactive, multi-media and brimming with inspiration.

The online tool that inspires and pushes back boundaries

With the development of this digital magazine, Debic makes sure that the brand keeps on fulfilling its promise: to push back boundaries together. So you can consult the Debic e-zine quickly whenever you wish, wherever you are. Unlike with the printed version, you can always go back to the information, and nothing is lost. Readers who prefer to see their inspiration on paper can print the main articles in a flash. So it’s a unique tool and a quality partner for all professionals in the European foodservice sector.

The strategy

Paper magazines are seeing their print runs fall. At the same time, we are all reading more than ever. It’s just that we are increasingly doing so on our laptop, tablet or smartphone. And definitely not just as a leisure activity. In the kitchen and the workshop, too, professionals in the horeca and bakery sectors are ‘on line’. That’s why Debic, together with Dallas Antwerp, launched the Debic e-zine: the perfect way to broaden the quantity of inspiring content and take it to professionals.

Thanks to this digital magazine, recipe methods, tips and tricks are accompanied by interactive texts, illustration, video and audio features. And with intuitive browsing, readers can leaf quickly and efficiently through the interviews, trends and recipes. Even the product specifications can be consulted straight away. So loyal and potential customers can access Debic’s knowledge wherever they are, whenever they wish.

All this creates a unique brand experience and adds an extra dimension to the existing online channels. In short: the Debic e-zine is the icing on the cake of the brand’s digital ecosystem.

The launch

The Debic e-zine was launched in 2014 via communication designed specifically for the target group. By making thorough use of the targeting possibilities of Facebook and Twitter and implementing the entire digital ecosystem, existing and potential Debic customers are guided towards the digital magazine day after day.

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12 June 2015