For wine, brand identity is everything

Innovation is pushing the boundaries

A wine brand is the encapsulation of the winery and the region and forms the basis and focus for marketing. It is the most valuable asset and handled professionally will ensure it’s future earnings.

Innovation is pushing the boundries of wine branding to capture new consumers in both established and emerging markets. However tradition, in branding, still has an important role to play. For example, there are expectations from the consumer and best practice within the wine sector both need to be respected.

Both packaging and labelling should show integrity, transparency, traceability and compliance.

Strong brands enjoy robust growth and customers will line up on waiting lists for a chance to buy the latest release. This is the power of branding.

The wine market is becoming increasingly polarised. On the one hand there is the “commidity” market on the other the “terroir” - both serve different functions and are consumed in different situations and often by different groups of consumers.

However, these 2 poles are not in fact “comodity” or “terroir” wines but rather distinctions between “branded” and “estate bottled” wines.

Here in lies the complexity and the need for professional consultation when considering how to brand or re-brand a wine.   

15 May 2012