Audi A1 Launch
Nexxus Italy - Caleidos Teenagency
Audi A1 Launch Nexxus Italy - Caleidos Teenagency

Audi A1: Absolute digital genius

A highly innovative digital marketing strategy

The challenge
Support the new car launch through digital media, driving young adults to a unveiling event in Milan.

The solution
Seeding a fake piece of news to ignite buzz and trigger conversations all around the web: “The Audi A1 is such a high tech car you can actually drive it remotely with an iPhone.”

How was the campaign implemented? An integrated digital/social campaign involving a proprietory blog, Facebook profiles and apps, Twitter accounts, viral videos, stealth-mode forums and communities presence. Event set up and management.

And how did the campaign perfrom? An estimated 12,000 contacts; more than 1,000 people attending the final event; and an output of dozens of test drives booked at local Audi dealers