99 Luftballons

99 Luftballons

The fifth anniversary of JOE fm called for something a little bit extra. So our listeners challenged us to bring to life their favourite ‘Greatest Hit’.

‘Your Greatest Hit’ comes to life

JOE fm was five in 2014. After four amazing anniversary campaigns in which JOE fm challenged its listeners, this was the ideal moment to turn the tables. JOE fm took up the challenge of bringing to life the listeners’ favourite ‘Greatest Hit’.

The strategy

The JOE fm slogan, ‘Your Greatest Hits’, perfectly describes what JOE fm stands for: a radio broadcaster that plays the greatest hits of all time in a contemporary manner so that listeners constantly feel they are being addressed personally. The hits are from the past, but the experience is now. In this campaign, you can even take that quite literally…

JOE fm listeners feel particularly involved with the radio broadcaster. So this was the ideal opportunity to bring their favourite ‘Greatest Hit’ to life.

The campaign

Since one of the main aims of the campaign was to involve JOE fm listeners, they were also the main medium. Their input, stories, wishes and experiences were eagerly shared on all JOE fm channels (radio, website, Facebook page).

What’s more, once JOE fm had taken up the challenge of bringing to life ‘99 Luftballons’, a competition was organised for listeners to win a place in one of these hot-air balloons. Because that, of course, was what it was all about: the anniversary event when the 99 hot-air balloons, packed full of JOE fm DJs and listeners, lifted off the ground. The entire event could be followed live during a radio broadcast and was even reported on the national news programmes.

To announce the success of the event as widely as possible, television and print were brought in. So everyone knows that the standard is now especially high for the next JOE fm anniversary.

The results

  • 10,000 participants in the radio competition
  • 30,000 participants in the online competition
  • 12,000 people at the event
  • 600% more interaction on Facebook
  • 8.5% market share (previously 7.3%)

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12 June 2015